Technology/Wavelight Allegretto

At GOTHAM LASIK residents of New York and Manhattan will be afforded the greatest care and a precision formerly unavailable in laser vision correction. Dr. Bonanni carries the experience of 70,000 successful laser vision procedures, over a decade of devotion to vision correction, and the knowledge and experience of every available laser system on the market. Because of this, he has selected the Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q to have here at Gotham Lasik. It is truly the only laser built from the ground up for LASIK and wavefront-based Custom laser treatments.

tech01From the moment you step into our laser facility, you will notice a difference-the difference of being a leader in the laser vision correction field with the newest facility in the Northeast totally dedicated to exceeding your vision needs.

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q is a new generation in laser vision correction. For the first time, a laser system affords patients improved night vision and a reduction in glare from bright lights from their pre-surgery vision. Most other laser systems only attempt to limit a worsening of symptoms from bright lights after LASIK. The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q is the only laser to actually IMPROVE symptoms of glare from bright lights, light sensitivity, and night driving glare after LASIK, in both near- and far- sighted patients.

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q aims to preserve the natural shape of the cornea and provides superior clinical results to our New York and Manhattan patients. Its “PERFECT PULSE” scanning spot technology along with the 400 Hz active eye-tracker allows precise real-time tracking and improves the level of vision achieved following LASIK.

Z-LASIK…Revolutionary Laser Technology

Phoropter2The first center in the tri-state area to offer the combination of the Intralase and Wavelight laser technologies is now the first to offer Z-Lasik! In place of the Intralase laser, (which is used to make the corneal flap) Gotham Lasik Vision is now the only Lasik facility to carry the Ziemer technology. Named Z-LASIK, the Ziemer Femto Second Technology is combined with the Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q laser vision correction.

The Ziemer LDV laser uses the latest Femto Second Technology available. The major advantage to the Femto LASIK over conventional LASIK is that the entire vision correction treatment is performed by a laser. The use of blades is no longer required. Due to the high precision of the Z LASIK™ procedure, thinner more predictable flaps can be created. Higher degrees of Myopia, Astigmatism, and Hyperopia can be treated with confidence. The gentler Z-LASIK™ procedure also reduces Dry Eye Syndrome.