iStock_000008092663XSmall-300x198Nowadays, patients in New York and Manhattan have more options than ever to pay the cost of laser vision correction, making it affordable for almost everyone.

At Gotham Lasik, we offer top-tier technology and achieve great results while keeping our fees reasonable and competitive with other centers. Our patients therefore obtain a great price-to-value ratio. We also don’t advertise ‘teaser rates’ for which no one qualifies like the discount centers, so you can trust our all-inclusive price.

We accept most forms of payment and offer many, varied financing options. You will have a chance to discuss these when you come in for your free consultation with our financial coordinators.

Among some of the options available are:

Affordable Financing – Gotham Lasik works with a variety of lenders that offer multiple financing options which make laser vision correction affordable for just about everyone.

Flexible Spending Accounts – FSA’s can be used to pay for laser vision correction and depending on your tax bracket can save you significant amounts. Generally, these accounts allow you to specify how much you want to contribute from each paycheck. Then, it is deposited into a special account. This money is exempt from federal, state, and Social Security taxes. You can then use this money to pay for eligible medical expenses that won’t be reimbursed by your regular health insurance – this money could then be used for your LASIK procedure. Most companies allow you to spend the money any time during the year, even when it has not fully accumulated in your account. FSA funds that are not used up by Dec. 31st of the year get forfeited. We suggest you schedule your free consultation first to determine your candidacy and know how much to invest in your FSA.

By deducting money from your pay before taxes, FSA’s allow you to save by reducing your income taxes and increasing your spendable income. Ask your Human Resources department or Benefits manager to see if your company participates in an FSA and to show you how your particular plan works.

Health Savings Accounts – HSA’s were created to encourage people to save for retirement and medical expenses. HSA’s are different from Flexible Spending Accounts in that the money in the account does not get forfeited at the end of the year. They may be likened more to IRA’s and savings account. These tax free funds may be used for vision correction and many patients realize an enormous benefit when using them for their procedure. See your HR department or Benefits manager to learn all the details about your HSA.

Health Insurance Coverage and Vision Plans – Contact your Benefits manager to see if your company provides any coverage for vision correction. Or, if you prefer, you may bring your insurance information with you at the time of your consultation, and we can check for you. Many plans consider this procedure elective or ‘cosmetic’ and may not include it in the list of covered services. Other plans cover part of the procedure or may provide for a discount.

Note: Not everyone is eligible for these different plans. We encourage residents of New York and Manhattan to schedule your free consultation first, prior to allocating any funds to these accounts. It is recommended you speak with your company’s benefits manager to see if your employer participates.