istockphoto_14151448-new-york-city-200x300At Gotham Lasik, we believe residents of New York and Manhattan should have access to quality vision services and our technology, surgeon, and vision correction procedures. We have developed GothamCare and our GothamVision plan to address this need. We provide on-site, no-obligation consultations, informative free seminars, and special group rates for laser surgery and vision exams.

The GothamVision service is easy with no extra paperwork – managing the plan couldn’t be simpler. The employee shows a picture I.D. or GothamVision card (which we provide at no cost) and the procedure or service is scheduled according to the special group rates.

Employers like the program because it is easy and is no-cost. It allows them to offer an added benefit to help retain and reward employees. It decreases loss of productivity and downtime from vision-related accidents, headache, and tired eyes while reducing contact lens and eyeglass benefit costs. Employees gain with improved vision without glasses or contacts.

If you are in charge of your company’s benefits program or are interested in setting up a relationship with Gotham Lasik for your employees, please contact Becca or Jean-Luc at 917-503-9596 or email them at or If you are an employee and your company does not yet offer the GothamVision plan, tell your Benefits Manager about the program and have them contact us to learn more.