Gotham Lasik Vision provides quality Lasik surgery treatments for the residents of Queens, New York. One’s quality of life can be negatively affected by poor vision, since less than perfect vision can add difficulties to a person’s normal routine. Reading, driving, and other daily tasks may seem easy to some, but for those who experience vision impairment, these tasks can seem like a constant headache when the eyes refuse to focus properly. Because of these complications, Lasik surgery was developed to permanently correct bad eyesight. Lasik surgery corrects vision through the use of an advanced laser treatment.

How Lasik Surgery Changes Your Eyesight

Lasik surgery is an advanced procedure. Unlike many invasive surgeries, Lasik surgery is minimally invasive, and there is no need for scalpels. Using a laser, pulses of light are sent to the eye’s cornea to create what is known as a corneal flap. This flap allows Dr. Bonanni to change the shape of the eye lens by correcting any abnormalities. Dr. Bonanni performs Lasik surgery in as little as an hour. After the procedure is finished, patients will notice immediate results. Vision clarity will allow you to read, write, drive, and perform other tasks without the need for glasses or contacts. Residents of Queens, New York depend on Gotham Lasik Vision for their eye procedures because they know they will receive excellent treatment and advanced methods, performed by a professional staff.