iStock_000015134548XSmall-300x198Gotham Lasik knows that your concern about your eyesight doesn’t end the day after LASIK has brought your world into crisp, clear focus; so we’re dedicated to doing everything we can to assure our New York and Manhattan patients lifelong, quality vision.

LASIK and related vision correction procedures have been proven to be the most stable answer to nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. But Gotham Lasik goes the extra mile. We make a lifelong commitment to your newly restored vision.

We are pleased to offer qualified vision correction patients free enrollment in our 20/20 Commitment program. Yet another value that we bring to our vision correction patients!

About Our Lifetime Vision Correction Program

Unlike other providers who charge extra for this coverage or only offer coverage for the first six months, Gotham Lasik’s coverage is included in your initial surgical fee and covers the entire first year. During the first year after your initial vision correction surgery, our patients receive touchups free of charge, when medically indicated. And of course, all your post-operative visits are free of charge. There are no laser fees, setup charges, surgeon’s fees, or any other fees.

Gotham Lasik is able to provide this enhanced service to you because of the experience and skill of its surgeon, Dr. Bonanni, and the quality of the advanced technology we employ in giving you the best possible visual results. Dr. Bonanni’s touch up rate is one of the lowest in the country and his dedication to ensuring that New York and Manhattan patients get optimum results is widely known. By utilizing the truly latest in diagnostic equipment, your candidacy for laser vision correction is determined and excellent outcomes are assured – one of the reasons Gotham Lasik can stand by its commitment to your vision.

Beyond the first year, touchups continue to be offered free of surgical fees, when medically indicated. (Patients may need to pay laser facility fees and any royalties or taxes, if applicable.)


iStock_000011324244XSmallIn addition to having an annual eye exam performed at Gotham Lasik or by your co-managing eye care provider, touchups after the first year are free of surgical fees as long as:

  • Gotham Lasik performed the laser vision correction
  • The patient has not received related treatment elsewhere
  • The patient completed the prescribed schedule of follow-up visits
  • The touch-up is medically advisable, in a programmable range of refraction, with not an insignificant residual spherical equivalent.
  • See the membership guidelines for complete details